"FC" .223 Rem headstamp variations

I found a few new variations of Federal .223 Remington headstamps today.

Current offerings use the headstamp “FC .223 REM” and a blue primer seal, but I found a few with a “dot” between the .223 and REM. It looks all the world like one of the SCAMP dots seen in LC military headstamps, same size and all. Headstamp letters and numbers are also smaller and “finer” in appearance to the non-dot type.

Other recent headstamps use “FC” at 12 o’clock and a two digit year at 6 o’clock. I have “FC 05” but “FC 07” has a small dot (.) at 3 o’clock.

Any idea what these “dots” are referring to? Subcontractors? or maybe made on the machinery at Lake City? Federal is still running this plant right?


The description of the dots you have given sounds much more like case-manufacturer identifiers than anything to do with SCAMP. However, I cannot identifiy the case makers that Federal Uses. I just acquired a .45 round Headstamped