FC NT 9mm


This white “Do not carry” sticker - is it something new or I just did not pay attention in the past? I don’t remember seeing them around.


vLAD - I have a fair to middling U.S. commercial and LE box collection and I have never seen this sticker on any box. similar warnings are usually on ammunition that have been found to have an occasional problem (very low percentage), usually feeding malfunction or misfires, but companies with integrity do not, with LE ammunition, allow even a very, very low failure rate in ammunition where a fialure could endanger the life of an officer. This type of problem is usually found after the deliver of a lot of ammunition to a department. Often, a settlement is made, to avoid complete loss to the manufacturer, whereby the bad ammunition is retained for practice only at a very low price, and new ammunition with the problem corrected is supplied for tactical use. Therefore, stickers like these could possibly have been supplied by either the manufacturer, or made up by the LE Agency itself to insure that no mistakes were made in the issuance of duty ammunition.

It is a very, very interesting box, regardless. Nice find! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.
Over-labels are, to me and most of us who like boxes, always an interesting affair, no matter what their purpose is.

John Moss


Very neat box.
I’d guess/ think being Reduced Hazard Training rounds it would be meant only for use on the range, to breakup on the backstops, & not used as on duty, carry ammunition. Might not be as lethal as needed, plus lawsuits might result with frangible ammunition being used ?
Very neat box.
What is in it? Bullet material & ogive?


As you wish.


I had not noticed that this was Frangible ammo. Pete is very likely right, that it was bought specifically for training. In that case, the only reason for the extra warning label which does not appear on all of these Federal Frangible ammo boxes would be that the LE Agency using them issues a different load but in similar boxes from Federal, and wants to insure there are no mixups with duty ammunition.

John Moss


The label does not resemble any of the labels, initial or subsequent, that I’ve seen from ATK.

-Early runs of the 9mm Federal HST duty round were rejected and sold at a local store, with plain black and white labels stating that it was ‘not for law enforcement duty use’

  • I have boxes of the 9mmPFederal solid copper PNT9N training round has a green label with black text and barcode (overlabel, the boxes are not marked as a non-frangible round --same part # but the loads are non-frang solid copper)
    -The Speer 9mmP 115gr +p+ GDHP has a red and white warning label regarding high pressures.

In every case where I’ve seen a label added at an ATK factory, the print has been single-color and all uppercase.

I believe John is correct and the label was applied at an agency or distributor rather than be Federal.