FCTOB 7 mm Rem Mag


I have several Federal 7 mm Rem Mag rounds, 180 Gr Boat Tail Match Hollow Points. Rounds are headstamped, “FCOTB 80” These were used by the Secret Service Sniper Teams before they switched to to the .300 Win Mag. I’ve since forgotten what exactly FCOTB stands for. I know its something to do with the Federal Training Center in Beltsville, MD. Anyone know exactly what it is. Thanks


TJ-sorry to be so long in responding. Didn’t notice the question.

FCOTB = Federal Cartridge Officer Training Beltsville

The “Federal Cartridge” is kind of coincidental. It doesn’t refer to the fact the cartridge was for a Federal Agency - Simply to Federal Cartrodge Corp., the maker of the round.


The Secret Service and Treasury dept. agents had their training center and armory on the grounds of the Dept. of Agriculture experimental center , Beltsville Md. Thus the name. They may still have. It is a nice piece of land just North of DC.