February Cartridge of the Month


Paul Smith says “This is surely one of the more interesting rounds I’ve sectioned.”

You may or may not agree.


Many thanks to Paul and the others who HAVE contributed items for Cartridge of the Month.

And to the others who HAVE NOT…? Send me something.


BRILLIANT job Paul. Dd you use a surface grinder on it after sectioning to get a completely smooth finish?


A great item and a great job!

Can anyone tell the case length?


The inside is so amazing!! So being a cartridge collector and hearing about the hi-low pressure system. When this is fired the burning powder which is high pressure will pressurize the larger space above it thus dropping the total pressure, does the folded chamber unfold or is it folded just to withstand the high pressure put on it? then is the the low pressure which makes it PUNK out? with out great recoil?


I was lucky enough to be asked to section this round. Had it been in my collection, it would still be whole!

Falcon - The finish was done by sandpaper. The only power tools I use are a Dremel and belt sander (for the larger items). Everything else is done by hand.

Alex - Sorry, I did not record the case length. Perhaps the owner will post the information. From The SPIW book, the total length given is 3.83" (97.3mm), but the projectile does protrude from the case mouth.

Vic - The folded chamber does expand and occupies more than half of the case volume once fired. Recoil is probably about the same as the M203 mounted on a M16A2 (i.e. the weight of the weapon platform is going to be comparable), but without the noise and flash when fired.



Paul, thanks a lot. Lets see if we get more info.