Fed. CHAMPION 9mm? (Pics Added)


More new ammo. Got some 9x19 today at Walmart. Federal “Champion” line, in a maroon and black box. Says “Made in the USA”. GM 115gr. bullet, brass case, nickle primer. The base has a CCI Blazer Brass look to it. Headstamp is .FC. 9MM LUGER
Pics will follow if Photobucket comes back.


I noticed the other day that some of the Federal rifle ammunition at the local Walmart was in this color of red box instead of the usual blue. There were no clerks around to ask to compare the two box types…

Wondering what the difference is…



If Federal is following the same headstamp coding system as their connected company Speer, these two dots indicate that the cases were manufactred by Speer in Lewiston, ID.


I’m sure that the cases were made by Speer - that is a typical “look” of the headstamps from their For-Max machinery. I might have spelled “For-Max” wrong, by the way.


Well, for $8.97 a box, I’m sure I’ll like it just fine.


The tray looks like a Speer tray, which indicates the box rolled off the Speer production line. Can you find a lot number? Sometimes Speer impresses (vice prints) the lot number on the top or bottom or sides of the box. You have to look in oblique light to see it. A Federal lot number (which I don’t expect you to find) will be printed on the bottom.


I found FO2Q6 stamped on an inside tuck flap.


June 2nd 2009, Speer lot number.