Fedarm lead-free .45acp headstamp mix

I recently received 500rds of Fedarm’s “Solid Alloy Lead-Free” (S.A.L.F.) in .45 auto. It was supposed to be the unjacketed monolithic projectile type which they show on their website, and which I have shown in the forum in another thread for 9mm by Fedarm. But these .45’s (like the .40S&W that I received last month from them) arrived as jacketed, despite my having ordered unjacketed, and requesting that they should not ship unless they otherwise had the silver unjacketed type which is more interesting to me.

In any case, of the 500 rds there were 41 different headstamps, with the usual handful of +P cases which don’t belong in there, and 2 or 3 rds which should have been Q.C. rejects but got through. Nothing terribly rare or interesting, and just a handful of various dated Winchester brass, and I was not exactly thrilled with the pre-1955 cases I found as far as condition for supposedly being “once-fired brass” reloaded shooting ammo.

Here are some .45 auto headstamps from a more recent lot of 1000rds of the Fedarm S.A.L.F. ammo, which continues to be a great source for mixed headstamps. I found a new Hornady .45 headstamp that I didn’t have (and didn’t know about), which brought my total of known Hornady .45 headstamps to 20 variations.

I noticed two versions of the FIocchi USA headstamp, as well as two versions of the FM headstamp, with one having a strike though the “O” of AUTO in the way that a zero might. At first I thought it was an error, but I found 2 of that same exact variation.