Federal 12g box code


This is the inner flap of the Federal box below. Is the red code in the middle (which is upside down) a DOM (date of manufacture)? How to read it?


Vlad–I am not positive, but I think that is the printers mark for when the box was printed, not a loading code.


I agree with Ron. I went back and compared several boxes, Federal, their contract boxes and others. Everything I have associated with Federal, with some age on it, has the initials CCA, either in the little box like yours or in a symbol of the USA. Some have dates which I believe are the dates the boxes are made but none of mine, which date back to 1943, have a month as your’s appears to have (10-59) I have a 16 ga Hi-Power box like yours that has 57. I’ve not been able to identify what the CCA acutally stands for but I think its the box’s maker. Some boxes I have show the information on the top flaps, some on the bottom but all have a 2 digit date like 57, 43, 64, etc.

The information relating to the ammo inside, the lot number, is on the end of the top flap (lid?) and I have not learned how to decipher those yet but they all appear to be 2-part and I think the year date is to the left side. Corresponds with known dates of use on some of mine (WWII).

Someone will certainly know more and I’d be eager to learn too!