Federal 30-06 w/colored bullet tip

I am a new 30-06 collector. While at a gun show this weekend I bought what I thought was an enbloc clip with orange tipped tracer bullets. When I looked at them I found one with a “FC”, “30-06 SPRG” headstamp. It is like Figure (a) on page 191 of Punnett’s book. According to Chris, it is believed that no Federal rounds were produced with colored tips. How do I get this cartridge authenticated? Thanks for your help.

Gun show + colored tips + commercial headstamp = fake or reloads…


I’m afraid there is little hope of getting your cartridge “authenticated”. In the 10 years since I wrote the book, I still have no information that Federal ever produced tracer rounds in this caliber. However, there are literally dozens of “Mom & Pop” companies that took any cases, commercial or military, and stuck in a tracer bullet. Some tracer bullets were obviously extracted from military tracer rounds others were simply commercial jacketed bullets with the bases crudely drilled out and a rough tracer mix pressed in. Once out of their original “repackaging” there is little way of telling which one of these little companies made them. Even when approached these companies will often deny making them due to liability concerns.

Welcome to the wonderful world of the .30-06. I hope your sanity lasts longer than mine did! … Chris P.