Federal 38 Special

I was told these were from a special order to go to Saudi. Made in the mid 1980, by Aspreys of London.

Interesting picture, but no real information. Do you have any inkling of the headstamp, the reason for the odd patterning on the case, etc. These look more like a souvenir item than real ammunition. Also, pardon my ignorance of London businesses (I have been in Heathrow Airport a couple of times, but never actually into London itself), but who or what is “Aspreys of London?” That might provide a clue of what these are all about.

Thanks for any further information you may have.

John Moss

miss google says:

Aspreys is Jeweller in London. Wikipedia gives more info…
So, its mostly a gift, and not for shooting

Peter - pretty much like I thought. It would still be interesting to know more about it, but I suppose this was just a picture, with no information attached to it.