Federal .40 S&W EFMJ in Detroit PD Use Dropped

A friend just sent me a copy of the latest Detroit Police Department’s firearms and ammunition policy statement. Regarding ammunition, see the following:

[i]304.1- 4.7 Ammunition

  1. Ammunition approved for use while on or off-duty in department issued or
    approved weapons are limited to the ammunition approved by Firearms Training
    and the Chief of Police. Approved ammunition shall be listed in an annual Special
    Order announcing the firearms qualification schedule for the upcoming year. The
    Winchester Bonded Encapsulated, .40 caliber S&W, 180 grain, JHP is the
    department’s new replacement ammunition. The Federal, Expanding Full Metal
    Jacket, 165 grain, .40 caliber S&W ammunition continues to be distributed by the
    department until inventory is depleted. Furthermore, the department recognizes
    CCI-Speer Gold Dot, 180 grain as a suitable option round to be purchased at the
    member’s own expense. Members are prohibited from using reloaded or remanufactured
    ammunition in S&W pistols. No other ammunition is authorized
    unless the Chief of Police, or his or her designee, exempts the specific member or

I had understood that for largely political correctness reasons, the Detroit PD had adopted the .40 S&W Federal EFMJ bullet, but now it seems as though it has been dropped. I wonder why? Poor performance? Also, what is the Winchester “Bonded Encapsulated” bullet, and what is so good about it that it has replaced the Federal EFMJ load? Isn’t there still an abundance of political correctness in Detroit?

Smith & Wesson must have some powerful friends in the Detroit PD to force out Glock - both S&W rifles and handguns are all that are authorized, except older weapons for off-duty use are grandfathered.

It is my understanding that the Fed EFMJ in .40 was not a very effective load for Detroit PD.

It sounds like their new Winchester load is the Ranger Bonded JHP, the LE version of the new civilian PDX1 load.

Federal has had issues in recent years, months, keeping the EFMJ ammo available, for reasons I am not privey too. I wonder if this could be a contributing factor in their change. I put back a box of 45ACP when I could get it in case it was discontinued.

The EFMJ never made much of a dent in Federal’s LE contracts, with older ‘Hi-Shok’ and ‘HydraShok’ loads outselling it consistently. Newer loads like the HST, and loads with ‘famous’ followings (Bonded Tactical) also outsell the EFMJ. I think it will disappear from the LE catalog like the SCHPs, or be a special-order LE item like the 10mm loadings.

EFMJ also creates +p pressures in otherwise sedate loadings, due to the longer bullet taking up more case space. Deskdrivers frequently disallow +p/+p+ due to misinformation.

To me, bonded encapsulated means FMJ. I did look on Winchester’s site, where they have a picture of a sectioned PDX1 bullet. It seems to show that the jacket extends down into the nose cavity, so I guess the bonded encapsulated term would be legitimate. Not a bullet I am familiar with (other than the name) as I am not too interested in the “baddest” bullets around.

It is the latest evolutionary step in the Black Talon/Ranger Talon/SXT family tree. The core is bonded and the lead at the rear of the bullet is covered. The previous members of the family had exposed lead at the base.