Federal 45 Auto rounds

These 3 came together. The 2nd reads: Fed. case Dominion components for Tor. police grease gun 10. I think Tor. is Toronto. Any thoughts about these?

do they have a headstamp?

Yes, it is “Federal 45 auto”, the plainest possible headstamp.

You could check the weight to a standard 230 gr. Federal with that headstamp.
It’s probably the same or close, but ya never know.

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Your one without a label seems to have a very thin rim with almost no extraction “groove” as the taper seems to extend almost to the underside of the rim.

Or am I seeing things?

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I’ll weigh them and take rim pics as soon as I get daylight. I came home from work when it is dark.

The weight of the one with nothing written on it is 21.24 grammes
The weight of the one with “Loaded by CIL” is 21.34 grammes
The weight of the one with “Fed, case Dominion components” is 21.34 grammes

With only 1/10th of a gram or 1.543 grains separating these that is well within manufacturing tolerances but you would need to consider or perhaps not consider the labels?

The extraction grooves look to be the same in this photo.

No idea if the labels are factual or not, the source could perhaps be considered?

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