Federal 7.62x51mm 175gr Gold Medal Match


I’ve not seen this loading before nor is it listed in Federal’s 2011 catalog. I suspect that it is actually the 7.62 × 51mm MK 316 MOD 0 Special Ball, Long Range. Can anyone confirm this?

With regard to the headstamp, the earliest with this format that I’m aware of is 09. Has anyone seen earlier?



The 175gr GM.308 load was offered in Federal’s Gold Medal Match lineup prior to their most recent box/label change (the older boxes were mostly white, with thin horizontal lines and a dark blue corner).

I do not know if the M2 load pictured is analgous with the Mk/mil load; it is still listed as pictured on their police website (le.atk.com) and their commercial website. If memory serves the 175gr GM load predates the Mk 316.

I’ll ask my contact at ATK, but I doubt the GM load is identical to the Mk product, or is Mk cartridges reboxed under the GM product line. Many GM and other ATK cartridges I’ve tested do not always exhibit the reduced flash in their .mil analogs. The 2009 Crane presentation lists some lot #'s of accepted Mk 316 ammo; you may be able to get the lot #'s off a commercial GM box and compare (I have only 168gr GM stuff fielded currently).

Many loads in ATK catalogs are out of current production and/or by special-order only, or advertised well ahead of their actual availability… the 10mm 135gr frangible, 9mm 115gr +p+ Gold Dot, and .38 Sp 125gr HST are good examples of each respectively.


Federal offer a .308 WIN loading using the 175gr Sierra Match King bullet. The catalog number is GM308M2. I’ll pull one of these and one from the GM762M2 box to see if there are any obvious differences.



The short-term immediate reply is that the GM762M2 is indeed a different cartridge than the Mk316. He’s going to check for specifics when he gets in off the road.

Additionally, he spelled out that the 762 product has unpolished brass (to show the annealing), staked primer, different type of primer, and diff. accuracy specs differentiating it from the GM308M2. Both use the same projo and IMR4064.

Basically, many of the same differences between most military 7.62x51 and commercial .308, or between .223 and 5.56x45 in Federal’s product lines.


Thanks for the update - I look forward to hearing more about the differences between the GM308M2 and GM762M2.



A 175 grain MK bullet is not going to be accurate in standard twist barrels so it has to be a specialist load for people who know about these things. 1 in 11 minimum. 1in 10 better. Top end users. quality to match or they are simply not going to buy them. 1000 yd plus


Vince - The M14 and the DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) both have 12 twist barrels. The M118 Match, M118 SB, and M118 LR all seem to work OK. Even the 175 grain VLD bullets will be stabilized in a 13 twist. A 210 grain VLD will work in an 11.



[quote=“NATODave”]Thanks for the update - I look forward to hearing more about the differences between the GM308M2 and GM762M2.

NATO Dave[/quote]

Ballistically, there’s not going to be much, if any, difference. 175 grain bullets in a 308 (7.62MM) is the upper edge as far as long range (1000 yard) accurate shooting is concerned. Even with VLD bullets you are on the ragged edge of stability beyond 800 or 900 yards. I speak from experience.



I see the 762GM vs. the 308 GM as follows:

The 762 has ‘milspec’ features like staked primers and unpolished brass, for folks who look for them when using semi-auto platforms. Heaps more of those fielded sold recently, in commercial/LE/mil (LMT, LaRue, Sage, Colt’s new gun(s), etc.)

Federal’s ‘Tactical’ LE line has these features in .223 and 5.56x45mm. I don’t have the spec sheets in front of me, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see the ‘762’ as a higher pressure/higher velocity load than the ‘308’. The ATK 5.56 vs .223 split is spec’d at around +/-50fps.

I haven’t shot at 1kM in years, and that was with a boltgun. I do know of one band of merry men who took a gob of COTS Hornady 178gr Superformance .308 with them for hopeful usage at longer ranges. Best of luck to them!


Guys who shoot a 308 at 1000 yards usually end up in the crowd clapping for the winners as the awards are being handed out. Unless everyone was shooting a 308. ;) It’s one of the reasons the modern sniper and marksman rifles are being chambered for the 300 Win Mag, and even bigger cartridges.



Final reply from ATK does indeed describe the GM762 as a “commercial variant” of the Mk316. Same propellant and projectile in both.

A “pre pocket headed mil spec case with superior neck concentricity” in the Mk316/GM762 is a departure from the commercial match case on the GM308 product.

ATK advises that the milspec 762 case component mentioned does find its way into general commercial production as well, so the lines get fuzzy.