Federal 9mm Experimental Police Bullet


The round below was given by a police officer to a friend who was a collector. I was sitting at the table watching the exchange. The officer got it from another law enforcement individual but he didn’t say who. With the cartridge was the end torn off the Federal box which had an “X” number on it. The story is that it was a test load that the unnamed individual’s agency was trying out. I recently obtained the cartridge, but the the end label had disappeared. The cartridge first showed up about 2010, here in Atlanta GA.

Can anyone identify this cartridge and perhaps add some background???



It looks like an HST with longer slits on the jacket.


Lew and Matt, it looks identical to the HST with a 147 gr bullet, which has longer slits than the 124 gr load. Regards, Fede.


Fede, I forgot to put it in the post but the overall weight is 211gr so it is a 147gr bullet. Shame the box end was lost because it clearly had an X prefix number.



Lew, it seems that the box could have been the one having the product code XM9HA (the equivalent .40 S&W load designated XM40HA is a contract for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement). Here is a picture:

The source is: funkammo.com/products/federal-9m … -50-rounds




Again, I think you have found the answer. It was a contract for agency. Hope someone on the forum may have an answer.

Many thank for coming through again.