Federal Aluminum Case 9mmP


I just got some of that AND the new Federal aluminum-cased 9mm. I gotta stop going to Walmart!

Federal Champion Aluminum 9x19mm

Whats the headstamp on the aluminum cased 9’s from Federal?


Pete - the headstamp is: N FC R 9MM LUGER, spread out to cover about the whole head. There might be a dot in front of “FC” but my picture is a little blurred and I can’t tell if it is a purposeful dot or just an anomoly.

I also have a picture of headstamp and cartridge: N FC R 40 S&W

Looks like this will be a full line of pistol ammunition for Federal.


There is a dot between the 9 and N in the top/left quadrant.
Sorry the pic wasn’t clearer, John. I’ll try to add a pic to this posting.


Jon - no apology needed. Was pleased to get any picture of it!!!

I better note here that the .40 S&W picture I have, which is of a real cartridge and it factory-professional level photograph (far beyond my abilities!) does NOT have the dot. More than one case maker for these!!!


More than one maker was exactly what was wondering about also.

Could these be made in both the Lewiston, CCI plants and in MN by Federal ?

I do know CCI is known for dots in the headstamp noting manufacture of the case by other companies, including those under the ATK name and those not owned by ATK.

Getting off track to the Turkish product, but …


Glad this got split off into its own thread. I was thinking of mentioning that.


A contact at Federal indicated to me that these aluminum cased Champion rounds are being made at CCI for Federal,
And are intended to be sold via Walmart only.


What I see in the photo is a CCI primer, a headstamp made with a Speer bunter, and a Speer tray. It’s a Speer/CCI product, in a Speer tray, packaged in a Federal-color-scheme Speer box. Except for the aluminum case, Speer’s been manufacturing their ammo for Federal for years. The dot is interesting and I have no explanation for it, especially in light of the 40 S&W not having the dot. Are they berdan or boxer primed? Do the cases have in inner step like the Blazer equivalent?


I will be taking some to the range tomorrow. We’ll see what the inside looks like.


Just to make everything more complicated, here is a picture of a 9 mm without dot:

Primer is Boxer and the case has the inner step.


The cases I have, with the dot, are also Boxer-primed, but have no internal step. And the bunter details look the same on both Fede’s case and mine.


In the non-dot headstamp the “R” letter at 2 o’clock is different -closed instead of open- and it also has lower case “mm” letters. Spacing between letters is also a little bit different.


True, I was focusing on the 9 and the R on Luger.


Fede, what was the source of your headstamp image. Maybe this was an early case before full production!





Has Federal ceased production of the aluminum cased Champion ammunition in all calibers?



BD, I agree! I just went looking for it and couldn’t find it at all. Out of Stock at all listings. Not a wasted trip, found some neat aluminum snapcaps.



My local Walmart still has a steady supply of it in a few pistol calibers. Not sure if it’s new production or warehouse supply.



Please pick up a box for me if they have it in 9mm Luger. I will get even with you at SLICS.