Federal American Eagle Syntech Nyclad

New for 2016 is a red bullet Nyclad handgun ammo in 9mm, 40 S&W and 45 ACP.

gunsholstersandgear.com/2015 … mmunition/

O.K. I am now convinced that the world’s ammo companies are purposefully trying to drive cartridge collectors crazy. Of course in my case, it is not a “drive” but rather only a short walk.

I wonder if they make these bullets themselves, or if they buy them from ARES.

That’s interesting - there is actually a good amount of this sort of coated ammo going around now, mostly on the smaller loading scale, and popular with some cast bullet reloaders. Ten-X has done it, Herters has been doing it for a few years, Blue Ridge Cartridge company does it, and Missouri Bullets’ “Hy-Tek” coated bullets are a source for many loaders who sell them under whatever brand they offer.

It is worth mentioning that Syntech is one of several brands of ammunition owned by Vista Outdoor Operations, a company that used to be a group of Alliant Techsystems (ATK). Also, now we must keep in mind that Alliant Powder, Blazer, CCI, Estate Cartridge, Federal, Force on Force, Speer and other brands do not longer belong ATK but to Vista Outdoor.

Great info Fede!!! Thanks.

Leon, thanks for the heads up. It looks like this ammo will be introduced at the Shot Show and is not yet available.

When someone finds a source of this ammo, please let us know.


I for one wish they’d come out with a redux of the Nyclad antipersonnel versions. I’d rather see the old navy blue nylon though.

The ad copy says that they’re using a soft lead component (early Federal Nyclad .38sp did not expand well, hence the 125gr HP with softer alloy and larger cavity), so a 147gr or even 124gr 9mm HP and a 158gr .38sp HP would be decent performers from short barrels at a lower price and at standard pressure/lower velocity.

In my dreams I see a .44sp 200gr Nyclad HP with a cavity big enough to stick my pinky in.

Vista Outdoors is still part of ATK. As of 2015 they spun off to run as their own entity but they are still ultimately controlled by ATK.

Alliant Techsystems Inc. (ATK) was an American aerospace, defense, and sporting goods company with its headquarters in Arlington County, Virginia, in the United States. The company operated in 22 states, Puerto Rico, and other countries. ATK’s revenue in the 2014 fiscal year was about US$4.78 billion.

On April 29, 2014, ATK announced that it would spin off its Sporting Group and merge its Aerospace and Defense Groups with Orbital Sciences Corporation.[2]

The spinoff of the Sporting Group to create Vista Outdoor and the merger leading to the creation of Orbital ATK were completed on February 9, 2015; both companies began operations as separate entities on February 20, 2015.[3][4]

Curtis, Vista Outdoors is today an independent company and the ATK name is not longer used in any of the sporting products previously marketed by this company. Also, all the trademarks owned by ATK are being slowly transfered to Vista and the new ones are filled using this newly formed company name. In any case, you are right about it being controlled by ATK, since they own 100% of the shares of Vista Outdoors.



I came across a promo video of Federal’s new ammo for 2016 that will be featured at SHOT show, and it showed an image of the .40S&W Syntech headstamp. I’m not sure if it’s any small variation, but it looks unremarkable to me.

Screen shot 2016-01-16 at 10.37.00 PM_zpsh5sljzad_result

The video also showed a new variation of the HST for .380acp and 9x19 called the “micro” which are a heavy-for-caliber loads tailored for very short barrel pistols:

Also shown was a new variation for their shotshells with a red hull and larger shot size. It will come loaded in .38 / .357, 9mm, …44spl / mag, and .45 Colt.

I picked up a few boxes of the Federal Syntech ammo at Cabelas yesterday. The headstamps all seem typical to me, but then I don’t follow all the minutiae of Federal headstamp variations. I pulled a few bullets to show the all-over coating. Some chipping occurred on the .45 bullet:



federal syntech hs_zpsnbv8erhr_result

Matt, thanks for the photo of the cartridge profiles and headstamps. I wonder why Federal chose to use red and whether they’ll produce ammo with different colored bullets?

Leon - Cabela’s in Reno has this ammo. I found it there in 9 mm, .40 and .45. I will have a few rounds each at Reno, end of JUly. If you want them, send me an email and I will put them aside for you to bring to Reno, if you will be there.

The same is true for the new aluminum-vcase ammo with Independence headstamps (I) and I will bring a few each of those in the same caliber.

It amazed me the assortment of ammo that Cabelas had Of course, they were out of the one that I went up there to get! :-(

“Team Never Quit” ammo has their own headstamp in .380, 9mm, .40 and .45, although I only could get the 9 mm and .45 in NUPE cases. It is “TNQ” at 12 o’clock and the caliber at 6 o’clock.

Lots of new stuff around. How does anyone keep up with it all??? I can’t.

I hope next time I am up there, they will have the 9mm in that red sabot shot load!

Based on a very recent catalog stock image that showed up as a coming-soon product at one of my distributors, Federal will be releasing some JHP defense ammo for the Syntech line. The box art makes it look as if the bullet will be a fracturing hollow point as well. The only image I can find so far is for 9mm but I assume they will do .45 and .40S&W also.