Federal Cartridge Company Contract Box Lot Numbers


I have a number of Federal Cartridge Company contract 40 S&W boxes whose lot numbers differ from the standard commercial lot numbers, and I didn’t grasp what those differences were until recently. Those lot numbers are:

  1. XM40HB 155-grain JHP, black/gray box (A) copyright 2003, (B) copyright 2007:
    48C574H007 (A)
    42P553W006 (B)
    48P657W011 (B)
    48U730W016 (B)
    50V630Z025 (B)
    50P632Z025 (B)
    50Q633Z025 (B)
  2. XM40HC 180-grain HST JHP, black/white box, all copyright 2008:
    The first two digits are the line number: 42, 48, and 50 being 40 S&W lines. The next letter (P, Q, U, and V) are the shifts. There used to be only 3 shifts: 1, 2 and 3; or A, B, and C. They changed sometime between 2004 (year H) and 2008 (year W). The next three digits are the Julian date (1 thru 365/366) plus 400. Then the year: H=2004, Y=2005, R=2006, V=2007, W=2008, Z=2009, X=2010. Then there are 3 digits (006 thru 025) which have to be the contract number. A lot of Federal, state, and local agencies shoot at our range here in Maryland but I haven’t been able to equate any contract number to a particular user yet.