Federal Cartridge flare?

Did FC make 12GA flare cartridges? I have a 12 gauge paper hulled cartridge with only a HS reading FC at 12,12 GA at 9&3,and HL at 6 o clock. It only weighs about 1/2 ounce,so very light,I can find no info on it at all,so help is appreciated…Pete.

Anything on the top wad? What color, paper or plastic?

Hi Pete,it`s dark red,paper, and has an 8 point crimp,so no top wad…thanks…Pete.

Bird Scare, by Stoncoe.

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Thats an awesome answer and prefect with the photo…well done

That`s it,thank you,I have pictures but have never posted pics on this forum,how do I do that? …Pete.

Make sure they are in JPG format & on your desktop, log in, write what you want & when you want a photo at that certain point just click & drag it into the text box. it will then load & say "complete 100 at the bottom of the text box. You can then add more text or hit the reply button.


Thanks Pepper