Federal Catalyst Priming Composition

Around the middle of last year, Federal announced it was switching to a new lead-free primer composition they called “Catalyst”. The composition is a little vague, but what they have said is that it contains mostly Bismuth Oxide (60%), Nitrocellulose (20%), Aluminum (10%), and the balance sensitizer, binder, and fuel. Apparently it does not contain any DDNP or Lead Styphnate. So I am wondering if the Bismuth Oxide-Aluminum composition (seems similar to Thermite which is Iron Oxide and Aluminum) itself is impact sensitive? Does anyone here know any more technical information about the Catalyst primer composition (and the Catalyst primers) beyond this? What I have read indicates this will be an across-the-board switch to Catalyst for all primers. I also wonder if CCI will switch to the new composition? See: http://www.ipo.waw.pl/wydawnictwa/cejem/2-2010/full/Klapotke.pdf for a discussion of Nanoscale Thermite reactions.

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