Federal Champion Aluminum 9x19mm

Has anyone picked up a box of this ‘new’ round from Federal?
I’m guessing since Federal Champion is just relabeled Blazer Brass that this is just relabeled Blazer Aluminum.

Let’s hope that it’s not just repackaged CCI Blazer, but I won’t hold my breath.

Here are some pics of the box that I picked up.

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Yes, I saw that thread a week after this one.
Not sure why we needed another thread on this.

I have read a few informal reviews online and folks seem to judge it shoots about the same as Blazer, not comparable with standard Federal champion of earlier brass cased production. Is these reviews are true, then it is most likely just a promotional scheme to get folks to buy Blazer at an inflated price, as you can find the same boxed blazer online for less than Wally-world is selling this Federal Champion aluminum case boxed ammo…


Edit: The projectiles are 115 grain Plated, not Jacketed… same as the cheaper Blazer line ATK produces. I think what I see is a marketing scheme using the trusted Champion namesake.

It was a case of the mods splitting one thread into two, and not attaching one to an existing thread.

Jonny, cant wait to see what shooting results you get.


Edit: Maybe compare with Blazer 115 grain if you can.

Oh, I thought I posted that!

I put a full box through a 1943 P38. It ran 100% and was more accurate than I expected. Sorry, but I didn’t attempt a test any more scientific than that. The rounds are Boxer-primed, and there was no internal case step like Fede found on his cases with a similar headstamp.