Federal Firearms Corp 7.5mm Swedish Nagant


Interesting box of 7.5mm Nagant cartridges - two 25 round Gustav Genschow (Geco) boxes repackaged in a 50 round Federal Firearms Corporation box. The cartridges are unheadstamped. Since it lacks a child warning, the Federal Firearms Corp box should date from 1962 or earlier. I have no information on the Federal Firearms Corp.


Guy, you can find more information in these earlier threads:

By the way, left box was made on ? 16, 1941 and right one on April 30, 1941.




Thanks Fede. Looks like Federal Firearms Corp repackaged whatever 25 round boxes of surplus 7.5mm cartridges they could find


Although the SWISS 7,5 Nagant and the SWEDISH 7,5 Nagant, are seemingly “interchangeable” the Barrel dimensions of the Revolvers are different, as are the Bullet dimensions ( one is more like a .308, whilst the other is more like a .320)

But being Lead, that does not matter…it all swages or upsets to fit the Gun fired in. The Casesw are about the same OAL (22mm)

And of course, American ignorance regarding uncommon cartridges from Europe compounded the problem (if there ever was one.) The way of course to distinguish the Cartridges is of course, by the Headstamp…the “M” Skarpa Patrone of course, are Swedish with the Swedish specifications; Those made in Switzerland will be marked with “T” (for Eidgenossich Thun) and to the differ4ent Swiss specs, and different HS arrangement. And any other maker (eg.Geco etc) will be identified by the Box if the Headstamp is not an identifier.

Doc AV
( we make 7,5 Nagant cases, for use in both Swedish and Swiss Nagants, it is up to the user to select the correct Bullet and Powder Load.