Federal FMJ Expanding with "2" on bullet tip

Has anyone seen this version of the Federal FMJ expanding load???

My example of this cartridge has an “F” on the tip. If someone has or knows of an example with other than an “F” on the tip, please let me know.




I think I had these on my SLICS trade table at the 2007 show…and still have some…and I believe alll are marked “F”



My understanding from some of the guys at ATK is that the numbers were only on the first test rounds. The “F” stands for Federal, and is the standard marking on all commercial production of all calibers using this bullet style. It is not a sequential alphabetical entry. I am sure you know that, but this answer is for everyone on the Forum. I have never actually seen this except in the pictures from the factory. Wish I could find a box!

John, I expected that these were test rounds. I think the ones I have use a brown plastic bullet filler, but I could be wrong. I have seen reference to using a number of different type of plastics to fill the bullet tip, and that is what I suspect the numbers represent.

Wish I had just one—of each number of course!!! Maybe one of our Forum members has a box of each!!!

my examples are white filled…I will check when I get home…(I am wondering if Paul sectioned one for me)

more later