Federal "Guard Dog" defense ammo 9mm .40 .45


Just this past week Federal has begun distributing and marketing their “Guard Dog” ammunition:

It is available in 9mm, .40S&W, and .45acp. It is marketed towards personal protection / home-defense and is basically a variation on their EFMJ bullet. It looks like it expands a little bigger, and the innards are a blue material, instead of the typical gray from the old EFMJ line. Here’s a brand new NRA publications promo video featuring the Guard Dog ammo from the Federal booth at the current SHOT show:

It can be found for sale at several online ammo sellers. I found some here:


Flashy box… catchy new name. Guess we might have to begin a new canine sub-class of ammo because I can see other names like Pit Bull, Doberman or perhaps Police Dog for the law enforcement community.

Thanks for the heads-up. The last EFMJ Federal brought out wasn’t produced for about 2yrs after the initial introduction and became difficult to find in some markets. I’ll put some of these aside early.


Bleecchhh. I kinda hate cheesy stuff like this, and was really hoping Federal wouldn’t go that route with this product. I have to admit that the blue/silver scheme is eye-catching, much more so than their competitors (Hornady Critical Defense, Win PDX1, et al), but ‘Guard Dog’ is just goofy to me.

Hydra-Shok was as close as I perceived them to get on the cheese-scale. I really wish they’d go ahead commercially produce/release the LE grain weights of EFMJ as well…124/9 +p, 200/45 +p.

DK, I do not see a “+p” on the pictured box…their former Personal Defense 105gr 9mm EFMJ was a +p loading; I’ll compare the listed velocities when I get a chance.

The only pulled EFMJ bullets I have are earlier 124gr LE 9mm+p, and do not have that sexy deep ‘HST’ crimp/cannelure shown in your pic. Also interesting; I’m guessing the .40SW is the cartridge shown?


Yeah, I think they are just re-branding the EFMJ for the whole home-defense market which has exploded these past two years since everybody bought lots of pistols and there were tons of concealed-carry applications since the last presidential election. “Guard Dog” with blue & silver pieces is more catchy for that market I guess, as opposed to their old EFMJ stuff which most people probably wouldn’t think much of if they didn’t know anything about cartridges. Kind of like how Remington re-branded the Golden Saber into the “ultimate home defense” packaging just to give it an obvious name for an obvious purpose.


Here are some new close-up images I found online for this cartridge:

I called Federal last week and a rep told me that distribution wont be caught up or full-scale for another couple months. At the moment there is very sporadic low-level distribution according to him, so it might be found presently at retail if you are lucky.


I notice that the two lots of pictures show two different projectile variations with an upper case F stamped on the flat point of the first and a lower case f stamped in the close up images.
Maybe just artistic licence with the advertising but would be interesting to know if both exist.


Good point about the “F”. I think the top photo in the first post is of .40S&W (the lower cartridge in that photo), and I know the second photo I posted showing the small-f is a 9mm. Maybe they are doing an upper-case F on the .40 & .45 and a lower-case f on the 9mm?


I don’t collect this sort of cartridge, but they sure look cool. If you were a bady being shot at with one of these bullets, whats the first word you would use beginning with the letter F…


Frequently the early photos show the prototype ammo and what we get may or may not have the markings indicated in these photos. I have a photo of the early EFMJ and it has “2” on the bullet instead of “F”. I seem to remember that there was an early EFMJ photo with a dark color plastic instead of the white. When these early advertising photos are made and the ads put together they use whatever they have and it may not represent the production load.

Sure hope the ones I ordered have the lower case “f”!!!