Federal HST in .45 GAP - rare?

I just tonight noticed the existence of Federal production of their law enforcement HST load in .45 GAP caliber. After digging into this using some specific words in Google, I found what looks to be company data sheets showing it at least as far back as 2009, and Google search returns for “P45GHST1” as far back as Jan-2008, but I had never heard of it. Does anyone know if HST for this caliber was a very limited run, or just something sent out direct to the few law enforcement agencies who use that caliber? I had never seen it on Gunbroker or anywhere else, and it also has a different headstamp than the other Federal .45 GAP loads (Hydrashok) in both 185gr and 230gr.
Those 2 headstamps are pictured below with the “fat” and “skinny” letter versions of that headstamp with no dots between the GAP letters (I scanned them side by side, they really are slightly different), and the HST headstamp is seen further down with the dots in the letters. I just ordered some of that HST ammo, and I only have the website photos so far.

Matt - I have 6 or 7 variations of .45 G.A.P. from Federal, but none with this headstamp. All of mine, whether in nickeled or plain brass cases, have the “FEDERAL 45 G.A.P.” headstamp with dots, including my proof load in this caliber, from Federal.

If you get any of these, keep me in mind. You can just throw one in my box, no need to notify me.

Thanks John. I probably should have mentioned that I thus far have only been collecting the hollow point self-defense type of .45 GAP loads, so if Federal had anything in FMJ, then there may have been different headstamps there. Up until now I had only seen headstamps from the Hydrashok cases, and mine all have no dots for whatever reason. I have a couple extra for you.

Matt - you probably got them later than I did. When this caliber came out, I predicted there would be little interest in it. In fact, I could not even get the Winchester LE loads, even though the LE rep here was a good friend of mine, as he never ordered any as samples. His territory was a major part of California, Western Nevada and Southern Oregon, and he never had even one inquiry to look at a .45 GAP cartridge from any LE department in his territory. Because I thought it would be short lived, which remains yet to be seen, I went after it with a passion. But, in recent years, I have slowed down on this stuff because of high box prices and no availablility anywhere near me. We don’t have a decent gun shop for ammo variety within at least a 200 mile radius from my house, and I don’t feel like driving 400 miles round trip to visit them, not at the price of gas in my area, and the time it takes.