Federal Hydrashok Deep (gen-3)

I had heard about this new variant of Hydrashok back around the time of SHOT show, and Federal is now putting print ads in magazines for it. The below ad appeared in the most recent American Rifleman, and is surely in the other usual mags. I notice that the distributor Ellett Brothers shows this product newly in stock as of last week, so these should start showing up at the retail level any second now. Funny thing is that this new style has a center post which is more similar to the original version from before Federal bought Hydrashok.


I made a thread about these back in January, they seem pretty interesting. Do you have pictures of the original Hydrashok?

Did they give a price yet?


Thanks Strelok, I missed your post back then somehow. Tomorrow I will do a lineup with all of the various Hydrashoks I have, and I should have some of this new type in by Thursday or Friday.

I think I remember seeing a fired projectile from one of the early ones listed in an auction somewhere. I’ll see if I can dig it up.

Here’s the link, found it: Experimental Hydrashok



Very raw/crude look to the projectiles. Probably just starting to test them out.

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From when is that picture from, when did they started the Hydrashock project?


The original Hydra-Shok company began in the 80’s in Watkins Glen, NY with different styles of center-post projectiles such as the Ultimate Defense Load, Urban Police Load, Copperhead, and Scorpion. Sometime in the early to mid 90’s Federal bought them and simplified / streamlined the design to one JHP center-post style, and it has evolved only slightly over the past 25 years until this new “Deep” version.

Here is a lineup of the old versions, it is hard to see but the unjacketed .38spl (third from left) has a post with a wider base, similar to the new Deep version they are doing now:

And a lineup of the newer Federal versions. Th only major difference among the newer types is that they began doing a sort of hybrid Gold-Dot / Hydrashok with a couple small calibers like .327 Fed Mag and .32acp, which you can see with the little exposed skives on the HP edge of those:


Thank you DKConfiguration.

I thought the Hydrashock were from the 1970’s.
So, they started with the .38 Special, which makes sense, since it was the most commonly used handgun caliber at that time in the US (excluding .22LR), especially within law enforcement agencies.

In recent Lucky Gunner labs tests, the “older ones” all seem to over-penetrate according to the FBI protocol of 12"-18" optimal penetration (in Short Barreled Handguns):


.40 S&W

.45 ACP


It’s quite of funny they made a deeper penetrating version of the already existent over-penetrating Hydrashoks.

Furthermore, as you can see, Hydrashocks are very inconsistent.


I have trouble remembering if it was the 70’s or 80’s when they originated, or if it was just in the 80’s that the Hydra-Shok company became organized and more known, or if it was the transaction to Federal which occurred in either the late 80’s or early 90’s. I wish George Kass was into the forum- he must have a file.

Matt, Hydra-Shok Corp. was established on August 6, 1975 and my earliest ads and articles showing the “Scorpion” loads in various calibers date from late 1977. My latest reference about this company is a 1987 directory (could be outdated). Federal announced their Hydra-Shok loads at the 1988 SHOT Show.



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Browsing the web, I’ve found this advertisement of Scorpion by Hydra-Shok Corp., dated 1978.

Original Hydra-Shoks bullets:


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I have used the old style in .44 mag (240g) for deer hunting for years. It is a very good bullet with very good expansion even at 100 yards from a revolver.

Well darn. You leave something new everyday, I only knew Hydrashock to be a product line from Federal, didn’t realise it was a company bought by Federal.

I recently obtained a 9mm and .45ACP loading of this bullet… impressive looking design for sure.