Federal Perforated Boxes


I’ve had for some years several boxes of Federal .45 ACP rounds with a perforated opening on one end, where you sort of broke the perforation and pulled down the end to open it, similar to the closure used on cigarette hard packs. Are these boxes unusual in any way? It’s just something else I haven’t come across for a long time.


I believe you’re referring to the old Federal Monark brand ammo. I believe that the Monark labeled boxes date back to the 60’s and 70’s. When I got into shooting in the early 80’s I remember the Federal red and white Hi-Power boxes in handgun ammo.

The major problem with the Monark boxes is the fact that once they’re opened, there’s no way to securely close them.


Mine are no earlier than early 60s as they have the child warning legend. I just haven’t seen any of these for a very long time, and am wondering whether this box design might have been very short lived for the reason you state. I don’t know when Federal got into the business of making civilian CF metallics, but I think it might have been around this time.