Federal Premium Receives Five-Year Duty Ammunition Contracts


Any idea of why Norway, Sweden and Denmark would not manufacturer there own ammunition?


Joe, they do but if like for example the exact Federal product is wanted they have to buy it I would think.

That’s what I said in another tread, European law enforcement agencies are buying American cartridges despite very good European designs ammunition…

Maybe, it’s a question of price?


Like9, I am sure that special offers are made in order to attract new customers and turn them away from traditional suppliers.
I noticed Federal to be all over Europe in terms of LE supplies.

A factor that might weigh into this is ammunition sales here in the US, Since the hoarding practice created by Obama has now disappeared with Trump as our President (YAHOO). The factory’s are not only cutting prices at the local retail outlet but apparently now trying to broaden the market to keep production going.

Federal & the other companies owned by Vista Outdoors not too long ago went through a top-guy change at Vista.


Just a note: Federal Cartridge is starting to recall some of the laid off production workers at their Anoka Minnesota location. Maybe under President Trump this will finally reach a leveling off?

Pete - Vista Outdoors, owner of both Federal and Speer, has been
fairly aggressive in the European police market for years. Their
contracts with France for various police agencies began, I believe,
in 2009 (I have a 9 mm fired case, SPEER, lot number 000 dated 09.
It was the trial run for the contract, which actually starts with lot 001 of 09.

They have also been “busy” in Scandanivia for some time now. It predates

John Moss

Geez John destroy a dream…

But thanks for the correction.

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1909? You mean to say 2009?

1909??? And I hadn’t had a drink in days. Shame on
me. Now corrected to reflect reality, not John Moss fantasy.
thanks for the catch, Joe. Would like to call that a typo, but
it was clearly a total attention gap on my part.

John M.

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