Federal Tactical Bonded .223 / .308

Looking for some help please. I’m trying to establish the year Federal first introduced their Tactical Bonded line to the LE market in .223 and .308. Thanks, Pete.

Pete, Federal first introduced the TACTICAL BONDED LE. AMMO in 223 and 308 in
There 2002 LE catalog. Docdave


Hi Docdave, that’s great, thanks very much for the info! Pete.

Dave, I don’t know the exact date of introduction, but the Tactical 55 gr Bonded SP load (LE223T1) is mentioned in publications dated as early as 1998. I have the 2002 LE catalog and also an earlier undated edition offering only the LE223T1, LE223T3 and LE308T1. Must be from 2001 or before, because Blount International is still mentioned in the back.



Thanks very much for the update Fede. The hunting round design it was based on, the Trophy Bonded Bear Claw, was first marketed by Federal in 1992 (from Jim Carter’s 1988 design) I believe, so from your and Dave’s comments is it likely that the development of the Tactical Bonded (LE) round commenced around 1998, & it was probably brought to market around 2001? Regards, Pete.

Fede, Thanks for feed back. I noted that the Tactical load (without bonded bullet) was first seen in the 1995 LE catalog with the appearance of Tactical packaging… I am missing the 2001 and 2000 LE catalogs so you are probably correct. I will check my LE packaging and see if I can find the first box that had the bonded bullet.

Thanks again. Dave F.

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