Federal XM308K and AU308 - 130gr Speer HP 308 Win

NIOA, the Australian distributor of Federal Ammunition has recently started selling this 130gr Speer HP in new packaging with a very Aussie themed box including map and flag of Australia design. This box has the product code AU308 and is obviously loaded for the Australian market.

For a number of years there has been the same load sold here in Australia packaged in the “tactical” “law enforcement” T.R.U packaging with the product code XM308K. The packaging is the same as pictured by federal at this link.
le.atk.com/ammunition/federal/ri … spx?id=689
The only information I have found on the XM308K load is that it is a special load for Australia.

My question is if anyone has any info on this XM308K load and if it is indeed an Australia only load.

I am thinking I might have to create a space in the Australian section of my collection and then chase down a box…

There are also 223, 22/250 and 243 loads with the new Aussie themed packaging.

Does anyone have any info at all about the XM308K load?

Also a picture of the Australian Federal load.