Federal ZFE9LFB3 Box-what is the Cartridge?

At the end of last year I was given a cartridge in a plastic bag with the copy of the box label below enclosed. Packing for the flight, I had to put the cartridge in a plastic ammo box with other cartridges. Now I can’t figure out which box goes with this cartridge. I suspect someone out there could describe the cartridge that goes with his label.

Any help appreciated.


Frangible Ball round, Engineering Sample is cool, too bad you did not get the whole box!
Some I have seen looked like lead, some looked like FMJ with a flat nore or shallow hollow point.
Check the Federal line, catalogue No.BC9NT3 and see if it is not the same as yours?
Some of the current Federal rounds are copper coloured, some are a dark ‘grey’, and I think some are silverish, like the Fiocci frangible 9mm round… sorry I cannot supply any photos… uhm, not too much help I guess.
But still Cool!