FedEx Shipping Changes

On another Forum, a member advised that FedEx, in his State of CA, will not accept ORM-D packages for shipment at any hub. They have to be home pickup only, with a surcharge, of course. That would also mean you would need an on-line account to generate the shipping label etc. He was told that this was an internal FedEx policy decision.

Any of you CA guys heard of this? Or, is it simply one FedEx office making their own rules?


New to me, but admittedly I don’t use FedEx. Never did like them. I use UPS. Not perfect, but I think the best we have in this country.

A freind of mine in CA was told by the UPS Hub that he would go to that they will no longer accept packages with the ORM-D label

Word on the Internet is that UPS has joined FedEx in adopting that policy. If, as they say, everything on the Internet is true, it may be the start of something that we won’t like.


See separate thread on UPS policy.

UPS policy has not changed. Still legal to ship ammo by ground with ORM-D label. Confirmed by the UPS headquarters HazMat folks.

Problem is usually the folks at the local office are misinformed or badly confused. Tell them to check with the people in their company who actually know the policies in place.


Not only are they sometimes misinformed and/or confused, they are often very political. Misinformed and confused can be fixed, but politics cannot. You can wrestle the pig if you don’t mind getting dirty, but I have found the easiest solution is to drive a few miles to another hub. And another, and another, if necessary, until you find one that not only knows the rules but leaves their politics at home. Even in dinky Linden AZ, I can find 5 UPS and/or FedEx hubs within 20 miles. 3 of them have been crossed off my list. I now have an on-line account with UPS, I know my driver personally, the hub is close by, and I’m a happy camper, for now.


Despite the State and the Urban Hub, at the South San Francisco Office that I go to, the ladies are friendly, helpful, and know the rules and their jobs. In shipping now and then for the past five years or so of going to the hub/depot, rather than sticking my friend’s gun shop with sending them for me (now closed, since last November, anyway)I have nad not one problem with them at all.

I’ve had no problems shipping packages with “ORM-D Small Arms Ammunition” several times this year from two different locations in Southern California. Nobody has said a word other than “Thank you”.

I did notice that ground shipping has gone up 5% though!