Feldkanone 8cm FK. M.5 ..?


i found this shell last days
initaly i tought “hülsenpatrone” for austrian feldkanone M.5 (76*229R) - hungarian made (MF-monogram)

but looking at the primer screw i have some doubts on my classification
anyone who can help…?

case-length: 229mm
neck-diam: 76mm
rim-diam: 86,8mm
head-diam: 81mm

regards from austria, wolfganggo …

IMG_20210805_104229 IMG_20210805_104214

IMG_20210805_104203 IMG_20210805_104159

It has been reworked into a 8cm 16/33M field gun case.


ohh, thank u
searching the web all i found were hints that this gun was an hungarian one
i cant find more infos about this gun, do you have any infos about the hungarian artillery

i own also an “10cm 14/33M” and “7,5cm 15/33M” shell, but cant find any infos regarding the guns
are these guns modifications of the WW.I austrian/hungarian fieldguns “10cm M.14 feldhaubitze” and “7,5cm M.15 Gebirgskanone”1d_DSC_00661c_DSC_0067