Fer 7,9 St*

anybody saw a 7,9 steel case with St* headstamp? How to explain this? Could it be an error caused by switching from brass to steel cases?

In 1943 „fer“ starting the production of the improved case. (St+)
We always make yokes that the information how to mark it on the cases stayed by the board of directors.
Well the guy who made the bunter did his best. He marked the bunter with St* instead St+.
They found out by the 8th lot of 1944, over a year later, they did something wrong.



Of course by that time Germany was on the losing end of WW2. I don’t think the soldiers fighting really cared if the bunter was correct or not. Highly collectable I’d say, like that air mail postage stamp that was printed upside down. Like to have one of those!

Thank you for solving my puzzle! :)