Ferret Box

I’ve just received the new journal and seeing the front cover reminded me that I had a box knocking about. I got this box between 1983 and 1987.

These plastic projectiles tend to become brittle over the years from external oxydation, migration of plasticisers and internal reaction. If they crack you will not enjoy it nor will your family and pets. Good luck.

This is liquid TEAR GAS.

This is liquid TEAR GAS.[/quote]

I know it’s written on the box.

This is liquid TEAR GAS.[/quote]

I know it’s written on the box.[/quote]

Where ?

Under the 12 Gauge it says “Liquid CS”

For those who like things a little bigger than 12 GA., here is a 1 1/2 inch (37mm) Ferret. Sorry the picture is not very good . I HAVE to get me a digital camera!! Someplace a have a display box with an inert round and a seperate projectile. If I find it I’ll post a scan. Around the top of the projectile are crenelations like on a castle.

Here’s a small sampling of variety in the 1.5" .

I was favored with an invite to “test fire” some of these barricade busters a little while back. It was determined the shelf life had expired on a quantity of these and it would prove beneficial, from a “training” standpoint, to give the troops some trigger time with these.
Anywho, for the record, these would only chamber in the Ferret gun. The M79 and M203 launcher chambers would not close on these rounds. The following picture is the 40MM CS round, made famous in a Texas siege a few years back. These had replaced the Ferret rounds for a time. Now, not so much. They burn, like a flare, vs bursting like the Ferret rounds.[/img]

I have quite a few 5 round boxes of another AAI shotshell to dispose of, these being the MPG grenade launching blank, if anyone has an interest.

Y’all may be interested to know that one of the launching blank’s applications was to launch smoke and LTL munitions from a cup discharger clamped on the end of a 12 Ga. shotgun. And if you ever get the opportunity to launch any of those, do NOT shoulder the weapon. Free advice.

Here the AAI patent claim for this round:

I take it you are not serious. The box does not say “TEAR GAS” on it in any place.

Most people do not know that CS is a code for a chemical filler which is called “TEAR GAS” commonly.

I repeat: the box does not say “TEAR GAS”.

The real name for CS gas is, get this, ORTHOCHLORBENZALMALONONITRILE.
It’s a “new and improved” (C. 1966) irritant agent, providing both tear gas and nauseating agent effects. (Page 31, CSA)

And the name of the old irritant??

CS. The only other word(s) Mr. Swearengen used to describe it was as a “type of tear gas”. It apparently established a new agent classification.

What so ever name one wishes to attach to this substance. The containment failure of these projectiles ( and they will fail) will be a most unpleasant experience. The best way to own these or any gas munition is factory inert or salesman samples.

Here is another 12 ga. Ferret box for you box label collectors. It is a flat pack of 5 rounds. The cartridges are headstamped REMINGTON 12 GA PETERS (in an interrupted circle. Bright blue plastic case with “AAI Corp FERRET P-100 PRACTICE” Iin 4 lines of white printing on the side. 10mm brass base.

That is a good one to keep.

Do you mean it is a good one to keep because it is rare or because being inert filled it won’t gas you out of your house in the middle of the night!!!

The later.