Few dozen .50 BMG headstamps from Afghanistan

Came across this image of .50 BMG rounds at Combat Outpost Pirtle-King in Afghanistan’s Kunar Province (Tim Wimborne, June 6, 2012 ).


Looks like Lake City is employing some SCAMP machines for .50 cal now…note the bottom row of HS, with Dots between Letters and digits.

Other Q? “SBS” is a new one to me.

Regards, Doc AV

Santa Barbara Sistemas. Seen some 5.56 in Libya from them.

  • Why those 0.50" (12.7 X 99) cartridge cases are still made today of brass which is going to be wasted anyway all over ??? Wouldn’t it be more economical to use lacquered steel or CWS cartridge cases for this type of 0.50" (12.7 X 99) rimless round ??? Liviu 06/12/12

The dots in the headstamp aren’t SCAMP. Just an indicator of a different brass forming line than the non-dotted headstamps. I see maybe 1% with the dots vs non-dots. (QC measure)

The primer sealants each designate a different assembly line (Again a QC measure)

SBS is a division of General Dynamics (US), made at the Santa Barbara plant in Spain. Standard US DoD contract. “Second Source”