Few more need some help with please


What does the R . P stand for on the head stamp?


What do the Stylised C - C stand for on the head stamp (or who?).


Case is a Kynoch .375 Magnum, Is that projectile correct?, if so what is it?


Similar to No 2 but not stylised, anybody?

Last one for now.
Who is this one by K.A.?

Thanks in advance for the help, A mate has been given loads of these, all inert but not a clue what they all are, been trying to help him sort them out.


The two “C”'s stand for full Cordite, Also seen is “L” “C” at 9 & 3 which means Light Cordite which was a Nitro for Black load.
The difference in the "C"s in merely time, the .450 is older manufacture.
The bullet looks Ok & copper tipped to improve expansion. Is the bullet magnetic?
No help on the KC 700

K.A. might be Kynoch Ammo or Kynamco, which is just a brand name, not a manufacturer as I understand it?

Copper point 235 gr.

Thank you all for the help, much appreciated.

Just the 700 to tie down if possible.


Hi Pete,
Yes, it is magnetic.


I don’t know who K.A. is, but the font shape, size, and spacing of the 19 9 and 700NE looks identical to the BREVEX 1993 700NE from France, so that might be a clue to the origin.

On the first one, “R - P” stands for Remington-Peters.