Few 'particular' 7.92x57mm Mauser rounds

1. “dummy”…?! LMG…?

2. …?

3. white primer annulus…??

4. …auy…?


Any info/ID about these…?

Thank you .

The first picture is a blank where a part of the wooden bullet is still in the case.

The “Z” is/was a heavy ball made by Brünn in July 1938

The other “Z” case made in November 1939 is a M31 Hardcore

The “auy”, Grüneberger Metallgeselschaft m.b.H., second case lot 1944 was made as SmE, (ball with iron core).


Ok, thank you ! …BUT

1. Blank cartridge fired from MG…? ;-/

2. What is Brünn…? Is (was) this cartridge (case) ‘special’…somehow (green primer annulus …) ?

3. M31 Hardcore…?

4. Any ‘special’ information about…? The ‘usability’…?

Sorry that I insist, but…I try to learn (“by the fly” ;-/) by any new/fresh (at least for me…;-/) informations that I find here…!

Thank you .

  1. If picture #3 is from the cartridge picture #1 and #2 it seems to be a misfire from an MG

  2. as I wrote; a normal heavy ball. Waffenwerke Brünn Povazska-Bystrica, Czechoslovakia.

  3. The name of this cartridge is Model 31. SmK. (hardcore)

  4. “The ‘usability”; all rifles, MGs who could fire an 8 x 57 Mauser round.


The elliptic primer strike is typical of the Czechoslovakian ZB 26, 30, and 30J light machine guns (which were what the Bren-gun was based on).

  1. Yes, first 3 pictures are from the same cartridge case (#1); it’s…strange/comic…somehow: a misfire from a blank…fired by a MG (ZB 30 LMG most likely but…)

  2. So…heavy ball = ‘green primer annulus’ (= more speed/accuracy… / used for Mg/rifles…?) = AP role ?

  3. white primer annulus (the 1st of THIS type I found !) = Model 31. SmK. (hardcore) ?
    (the same:…Mg/rifle…AP…?)

  4. So…nothing ‘special’ with this cartridge…(“except”, probably, it’s stamped “auy”…;-/) ?

Note: I didn’t see until now…a ‘damaged’ primer and all around the primer almost ‘intact’… ;-/

Indeed…the ZB 30 LMG most likely !

But…I “found” different ‘primer strikes’ specific to a MG/LMG (ZB…): their length and ‘depth’ (and…) look different obviously…

your " MG or rifle" questions cannot be answered, because in the overwhelming number of cases both fire the same ammunition.
Loads intended for MG only (model 32N of the French 8 mm Lebel, for example) are the exception and the identification will usually indicate this.

So, whats the meaning of the colour of primer annulus (black, green, red, white…): AP, tracer etc… ?


So, those “Z” 7.92x57 Mauser cartridges (green primer annulus) could be:

s.S. Patrone (Schweres Spitzgeschoss) Heavy pointed bullet OR
S.m.K. (Sptizgeschoss mit Stahlkern) Pointed bullet with steel core (armor-piercing) … ?! (unfortunately, the bullet could not be “read”)

Please read the treat carefully, there is no „OR

Sorry…my bad…


= black primer annulus : standard cartridge ?

= green primer annulus : AP ?

  • s.S. Patrone (Schweres Spitzgeschoss) Heavy pointed bullet (or)

  • S.m.K. Ub.m.Zerl. (Sptizgeschoss mit Stahlkern Ubungsmunition mit Zerleger) Practice, light pointed bullet with steel core and auto-destruction system.

= red primer annulus : tracer ?
I don’t know…depends on the colour of bullet tip or the colour of all visible part of it…;-/

= white primer annulus : HE ?

Am I wrong…?

You are wrong… did you read the linked webpage at all?
It also depends on the bullet tip, case throat and other markings.
You cannot base the type on only annulus color.

Red annulus is AP. Tracer is indicated by long black bullet tip. Dim tracer by short black bullet tip.

Brünn is the Austro-Hungarian name of Brno.

Thank you. Now I know .

I know… I just “noticed” the ‘first signs’ after which a cartridge can be identified (even not 100%) …

For example…a cartridge case (without bullet) or a cartridge with a corroded/rusted bullet…are the main situations when the bullet can’t be “read” (used for the identification…) .