Filling in Flashholes

Need to fill in flashholes and leave the pocket empty (so just flashholes are filled in). Looking for quick and easy options. JB Weld? Set screw?


Would epoxy glue do or you need some strength in those holes?

Depending on dimensions and requirements for water/air tightness: rivet? (countersunk rivet, and maybe countersinking the primer pocket)

Or, while supporting the primer pocket from the primer side (filling the whole pocket to retain dimenstions) stemming it shut from the inside of the case?

Just out of curiosity - why do you want to fill them?

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Dummies with case filler?

Seat fired primer cup upside-down
without anvil…FP indentation can be pressed out before seating.
( Boxer Cases).
For Berdan Cases, just crush in existing Primer with Pocket swage… causes deep enough depression to show “empty pocket”

Doc AV

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What about soldering them?

I would advocate for JB Weld, I have found it to be very useful.
Just make sure to clean the particular area on the case well first.

Maybe tap and put in a socket-head screw. It can be removed later, if desired, and if the size is carefully chosen it will even leave the flash hole and primer pocket useable. Perhaps size 2-56 or 2-64. If the flash hole is 0.060, you won’t even have to drill the flash hole out. Just buy a tap and a box of screws and you’re in business. This line of discussion has even given me the idea of how to make dummy cartridges for my NRA courses. Thanks!

+1 on the JBWeld.

Thanks all. Ended up using locatite - which was not 100% perfect, however got the job done.