Finally - a new 7.62x25 "pistol"

There’s finally a new pistol to use with all that surplus 7.62x25 ammo out there, sort of. It’s a modified Sterling SMG pistol job done by WiseLite and sold through J&G: They don’t say what the mag capacity is, or if spare mags are available, but I emailed and asked. It’s sort of like a Tec-9 with a sideways mag. It would be a clunky waste of time if it were in 9mm since those sorts of guns have been done so much, but in 7.62x25 at least it’s a caliber curiosity. A bit expensive, but it’s a low-production custom job.

As silly as those stockless SMG clones are (won’t do a thing that a 150 buck CZ vz 52 or a good old Tok won’t do, except be much harder to shoot straight than a normal pistol), I bet they sell some, even at that ridiculous price. I think this gun was out years ago, as a 9mm, before all the hullabellu about “Assault Weapons.”

John Moss

True about it’s utility as a “pistol” John, but I think the makers and/or distributors sort of half expect that allot of buyers will modify the weapon and add a front grip and short skeleton stock of some sort, which isn’t too hard, however illegal. DIstributors usually warn against this sort of thing with disclaimers, while at the same time selling the very accessory parts to do it separately. I still can’t get over how there haven’t been any other attempts to do anything with 7.62x25 in any sort of new pistol or halfway decent carbine lately. Somebody like Taurus or Izhmach should do one.

DK - aside from the ability to shoot some pretty crappy ammunition, what would a 7.62 x 25 mm pistol give one over, say, a pistol in .357 SIG? Just curious. Of course, I admittedly have never bought into the high-velocity, light bullet handgun cartridges so I will readily admit that I ask that question from a pre-prejudiced view point.

John Moss

What is the purpose of that law about short barreled weapons with stocks? The gun can do exactly the same thing whether or not it has a stock. Its a bit like the law with the Broomhandle Masers and Slotted Browning HPs that an original stock is legal (if the gun originally came with it) while a repro isn’t.

John - admittedly the purpose is mostly a “look at me and my cool gun” effect, but it caught my attention because I am a 7.62x25 shooting enthusiast in terms of having a CZ52 and a Tokarev TT - I’ve just always longed after having a nice new modern pistol with a higher capacity in the 10 to 14 rd range. Of course this Wiselite deal isn’t really a pistol, it’s a chopped down SMG, but anyone wanting to have a new gun in such a caliber who might collect these sorts of things like Mac-10’s, Tec-9’s, Suomi’s, PPSH, etc… might like it. It does offer an SMG-convertible type gun with a nice punch as compared to say 9mm, but of course there are .223 guns this small out there also like the Kel Tec PLR16. I say punch in terms of penetration which I know is not a manstopping quality, but in the imaginary world of dreamed-of Rambo-esque scenarios, one often considers shooting through vehicle doors and construction barriers with commando-style weapons to be a must :-)

Falcon - The supposed purpose of the federal law about short rifle & shotgun barrels and forward grips on pistols was originally intended to limit a criminals ability to be able to acquire and conceal such weapons which were of dangerously high power on themselves under a coat or something. Not that this makes any real sense because anyone could chop down a gun or change its barrel or stock at any time, but it’s at least meant to be a law designed to offer a prosecutor enhanced penalties to those who are apprehended with such weapons during the commission of a crime, and this will supposedly dissuade others from using such a gun. As to the why factor, I guess they are thinking that chopped down rifles and short rifles are high calibers with high penetration that can cause allot of collateral damage in the way they might be used criminally and which should be made illegal in this regard. In reality, the anti-gun liberals will ban anything they can, and they probably figured that pro-gun conservatives would find a hard time in arguing as to why an 8" rifle with a pistol grip needed to be legal, hence the liberals take what ever gun control measures they can.

Never could figure out the shoulder stock part of the NFA. (Not that any of it makes sense). One can be perfectly legal with a very powerful and totally concealable handgun, but if you put a stock on it and make it less concealable, you need to cough up $200 to the feds and dance though hoops with paperwork. Also if your barrel happens to be smooth on the inside, 18" is OK but gosh forbid you have it 17-15/16" long…I always thought that since they also made noise suppression devices restricted, they should’ve made a law saying that knives must make a loud noise when you use them. Go figure.