Finally got a basic display going

I finally got around to building some shelves to display some of my stuff…I can already tell that I need more shelves now though…lol. They’re not really organized yet; I just grabbed everything within arm’s reach and put it on the shelf.

I picked up (3) 8’ sticks plus some drywall anchors, so I’m probably into it for ~$45 or so. Here’s the trim moulding that I purchased from Lowe’s:


Nice display.

When you feel a tremor starting you’d better grab a basket. ;-)

That is very nice.

I did something similar many years ago, but every time someone slammed a door, several cartridges would fall off the shelves.

Great display. Excellent way of presenting the different types.

A German non-disintegrating belt (Patronengurt), or at least a piece of it, would be a nice addition.

I must add, I like your display too! Well done!

Thanks all; I’m glad to finally get the majority of it off my desk and cubby holes and onto the wall.


Nice display. I use a L shaped shelf and put velcro along the shelf that is up against the wall and put a piece of the mating velcro on the cartridge. This keeps the cartridge in place and makes it easier to move them around when more cartridges are added.