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Made in Belgium, today!

This caliber 16 has come to light today. It seems work of the Belgian gunsmith Jules Gervais who had his store in Antwerp and owned the name La Parfaite ( The Perfect One) he registrated in 1904.

The two FNcases seem to be enormous blanks at first sight. I doubt they are! Never seen this structure before. Is there someone out who knows something more about them?

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Dirk, the aluminum ones should be common or?

The fn are simple shot loaded cases.
They have a great smell when you fire them!

The gervais is a real beauty!
I envy you on that one.

Regards rené Polman

Dirk, the FN shotshells are called “All-Metal”. It was a standard item offered in several calibers.

From FN 1949 catalog’s cover:



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Simply perfect, gentlemen! René, I could expect something from you. Fede, how many miles of bookshelves in your library? Belgium 's very thankful!

Great Geravais shell Dirk
Here a 16 ga all metal box, some of these will be found with a small spot of red at the center of the crimp and that was a patented waterproofing. I don’t have the patent number at hand right at this moment, sorry.