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It seems this complete and unopened box survived Normandy, 75 years ago. Ok, repacked. But repacks of what? What’s the meaning of the two letters E and … and what else? Or is it just ordinary ball?

E.C.? Evansville Chrysler?

Vlad-the-man nailed it.

yes should be just ball

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Hi Dirk,

Stamp reads “REPACKED E. C. 6-44” and indicate that the original box and contents made by Lake City were repacked in sealed metal cans (“spam cans”) by the Evansville Ordnance Plant (Evansville Chrysler) in June 1944. Millions of .30 Carbine cartridges originally packed in wooden boxes (“crates”) were repacked at this plant between June and November of 1944.

Date of this Lake City lot number is also 1944 and headstamp is L C 4.



Thank you all, gentlemen, as usual!