Find of the week, what is it?


Found this last week. It seems German, WWII. Could it be an igniter of a flame thrower? (Yes, I’m lazy, that’s why I ask it to the Forum.)

There’s a serious bulge on it, case is ruptured…


Dirk, besides you being lazy you are also right!

Bulged cases seem to be a product of the content, saw this also on post war Czechoslovak copies of these. Guess it must be the pyrotechnical compound in there being hygroscopic.


This may also be of interest:


Very nice, Alex! Welcome in the collection…


This is not only a nice find I have one of these for many years and when I obtained it
I was told that they are quite scarce so hang on to it


Found an old cartridge, it is smashed, larger diameter than a 45 colt, longer casing than a 45 auto, and has only a marking of 10 84 being on each side of the primer, primer looks very old compared to modern ammo, no rim on this cartridge,

Any help would be appreciated, trying to date this cartridge



Also, found another cartridge that is marked 40 caliber, it is a long cartridge, obviously a rifle bullet looks similar to a 30-06 for length, it is a skinny cartridge. Anyone help out with dating this cartridge?




not in greatest shape, but a box for the igniter cartridges.