Finding a page

There are currently about 115 pages on the main Forum. How do I go about opening a page in the middle of the pack, say page 75 ???


Hi Ray,

First, click on one of the pages you can see - for example page 2. After that page comes up, the address in your web browser should look like this: … 0&start=50

Each page displays 50 posts, and the part at the very end of the address (start=50) tells it where to start.

To get to a specific page number, subtract 1 from the page number and multiply the result by 50, then put that number after “start=” in the address.

To see page 75 you would change the address to … start=3700

You can actually enter any number after “start=” and it will jump to that post. Thus you can just put in a ballpark estimate instead of doing the math if you want.

I hope this helps!

Thanks Chip.