Finds from the Coeur D'Alene Show


I picked these up at the Coeur D’Alene Show last weekend.

The pic below shows 2 aluminum case unknowns next to a US 7.62x51 tracer.

The next photo shows a better picture of what appears to be an unfinished blank(?) next to the tracer. The aluminum unknown has an unusual headstamp: CCI N R 45 AUTO. The case is berdan primed.

See close up of headstamp below:

The next photo shows the second aluminum unknown compared to the tracer. This appears to be a damaged 7.62x51 with a headstamp of: (nato symbol) MS 70. The primer has been fired and the case is Boxer primed.

Close up of headstamp:

The next item is shown compared to a 9mm:

It is a single piece, brass colored, with a hollow base. There is what looks like a red paper wad approximately .25" in. The photo below of the wad is not so good:

Any ideas as to what these are?

Thanks for the help.


The 9mm is an example of the 9mm AUPO round. It is a side-primed, caseless round.

Your one in the lower photo with the red base is the 9mm AUPO it was for an Italian machine gun & the hammer struck the case on the side about mid-case. The case has an internal “skirt” which acts as an anvil. I’ve seen these with orange and green paper bases but not red. The gun was tested here in the US (& probably other markets).

Made by Fiocchi their advertising showed the “AUPO” name on the nose, but I’ve not seen that, nor do I think anyone has, as I’ve asked others.

Looks like Jon beat me to the AUPO answer.

Your CCI 45 NATO blank is just that, an unfinished blank, CCI just used that bunter & the complete round would have a rounded multi-crimp mouth closure…


Thanks for the quick info! I thought I had seen the 9mm before but could not remember what or where.

Pete, was CCI a contract manufacturer for 7.62 NATO blanks in Aluminum?

How about the MS 70 headstamped AL case?

The AL blank is interesting. No doubt it was made using forming dies , particularly the bunter, for the NR case with Berdan primer. For who? Not for US, I’m sure. Probably a contract order for some other country. NATO Dave should know.


This is an German experimental production by Manusaar. It was made with a Boxer type primer pocket that can be found having a concentric or eccentric flash hole (same headstamp).


Thanks for the info.


I think the CCI 7,62 blank was an experimental or developmental project, similar to the aluminum cased .30 WCF & stopped for reasons unknown to me.

The .30 WCF was stopped because of thoughts about possible liability problems by those at the top.


Thanks. Did CCI ever experiment with an aluminum 30-06?


not that I’m aware of.

There is a good 06 by Speer, the one made when they first started using impact extrusion. Like the Weatherbys & the Newtons it had a “reflector” base. There is one sectioned to show this in an advertisement of the time, but none are known to exist now. Hows that for a rare 06?

Some examples of loaded CCI blanks. The card gives some background on the cartridges.



The German aluminum case is interesting in that it uses a small primer. It is also found in a goldish anodized finish.