Finn 7.62 x 54R New Year Cartridge

Pictured is the special headstamp of the 7.62 x 54R Mosin-Nagant
cartridge given as a gift to employees of the factory by Suomen
Ampumatarvetehdas Oy., another name for Sako A.B., in 1925. When I
mentioned it on another thread, I incorrectly said it was a Christmas
gift. It was not, but rather a New Year’s gift. The headstamp says, in
Finnish, “Happy New Year.” I believe these are quite rare now. This is
the only one I was ever offered, although I am not known to collect this
caliber of ammunition, and don’t except for something like this, and any
East German loading.

John L. Moss (Picture and collection of John Moss)

Overe here in Europe you may find it every now and then. In Finland likely more often than in the rest of Europe.

Some decades later when original bunters were located a batch of repops hit collector market. They are not marked as repops. And I’m afraid they’re are offered as originals. The John Moss collection specimen is original.

EU1, if we were to come across one of these how can be know we are finding an original or a fake?
If you don’t care to put this information out in the public, please just e-mail me.
Thank You

How do you tell the difference???

Hey guys, please do not attack me right away!!!
I was about to post a picture but I was unable locate my specimen.
The originals were rounded head type. Repops used beveled head case type turned to resemble older head style. The diffrence is quite clear. Most likely you don’t need to use a magnifier to tell the difference.

Thanks John and jones for posting the photo. A very nice cartridge!

Also thanks to EU1 for the info about the fakes. It’s a pity that we have to mention fakes and how to ID them but unfortunately it is something we have to be vigilant about.