Finnish 7.5x54 MAS?

I have a 7.5x54 MAS cartridge with a Finnish VPT 1941 headstamp. The headstamp date would have been after the Finns surrendered to the Russians in the Winter War.

Did the Finns receive arms or ammunition from the French during the Winter War which they kept in service after the armistice? Does anyone have any details on this cartridge?


I had two. My Finnish collector friends didn’t believe me 'til I sent my dupe over there for examination. They said that there were reports that there was some experimental production for aircraft MGs, but that no significant numbers were made. I would say you/we have a pretty scarce round. Congrats.

France supplied with the armament in 1940 in Finland.
In the book “The Finnish military cartridges 1918-1945” he speaks about manufacturing about premises in 1941.
Can put yourselves photos of the Headstamps and of profile of the cartridge.

At least a few Morane MS406 fighters (whose armament included 7.5m/m MGs) were supplied by France to Finland in 1940 or thereabouts. JG

Here is my attempt to post images of this cartridge. I had never heard of the 7.5 x54 MAS being manufactured in Finland. I was surprised to find the VPT headstamp of 7.5x54 MAS appear which is why I asked the question.

Hope this helps and thank you Jon for your help.


I hate to ask this question so late, but it just occurred to me: is it possible this is a Finnish-made 6.5 x 55 case resized as a 7.5 m/m? JG

I was just sent an update from Finland on this VPT 41 round, the same I sent there:
“MAS report-
The case is original, not revorked.
The powder was “correct”.
The bullet is unknown so far.
Considering the facts above I’d say it’s real.”

Oh, and Heavyiron, I was asked to remind you that Finland never surrendered, and that in WWII only 3 combatant capitals remained unconquered: London, Moscow, and Helsinki.
I’m sure their anger will be short-lived;)


Great information.

Please extend my apologies to the people of Finland. I stand corrected - Helsinki was never conquered by the Russians.


Jon: what is the bullet? It appears to have a CNCS jacket; is it a ball type? Is it cannelured? JG

The bullet has a CNCS jacket and as far as I know is ball. I cannot see any sign of a cannelure on my specimen.


Heavyiron: Thanks. It’s an interesting one. JG