Finnish 7.62 x 39mm Short Range


Can anybody (Hammer…) help with identification of these 7.62 x 39mm cartridges? I’d like to establish yhat they are all legitimate military loads and, if possible, their designations.

  1. ‘VPT 74’ empty roundnose bullet jacket with a large hole in the tip.

  2. ‘VPT 66’ lightweight empty bullet jacket?

  3. ‘VPT 60’ two-part bullet very similar to the West German 7.62 x 51mm KB projectile. o.a.l. of 58.2mm. Is the bullet seated to the correct depth as I suspect this round would be too long to fit in a magazine.

  4. no headstamp. Two-part bullet with a black plastic tip. I believe this may be Sako manufacture using a Hirtenberger projectile.

  5. ‘VPT 75’ lightweight empty bullet jacket? Knurled just above casemouth.

  6. ‘PT 82’ black primer and casemouth seal.

  7. ‘711 68’ copper-washed steel USSR case, red primer annulus. Finnish using Soviet case?

Any help/information appreciated.




2 = is seated too deep, usually these have the regular M43 cartridge length
3 = is an experimental short range for a subcaliber barrel of the Finnish APILAS (bazooka type At weapon) if I remember right, exists also on Finnish steel case, a later version exists with a turned brass tracer projectile (yellow tip) and a .32 revolver crimped blank case inserted into the base (head)
4 = should be Hirtenberger, have never seen them being used in Finland (as we see they have/had enough own designs)
5 = should have an aluminum core
6+7 = have never seen them als military loads so far

You are missing the one with a short jacket and exposed wooden core.


That’s very helpful EOD, thank you. Do you have any idea as to why Hirtenberger would have produced number 4 with no headstamp? I seem to remember a possible connection with South Africa.

Are you able to post a picture of the type you mention with the exposed wooden core?


Jim, Hirtenberger delivered ammunition to South Africa during the embargo time and used clandestine head stamps (on 7.65 Br. for example) and those 7.62x39 had no hs at all. Our friends from South Africa may tell us the details.


Here the one with wooden core:


Thank you posting the picture, it’s certainly a cartridge that’s new to me.
One more question for you EOD and then I’ll stop asking! Do you know the military designations for any of those that I’ve posted?

  1. 7,62 RK OS lkp JVA0318
  2. 7,62 RK als lkp JVA0329


Jim, I am not much into these designations and Hammer told us fortunately.

I can recommend the book by Pauli Salo. It is mainly about the Finnish weapons chambered for the M43 cartridge but has a huge chapter (96 pages) on Finnish cartridges with lots of color sheets and images.

"Rynnäkkökivääri 7.62x39"


Thank you both.