Finnish 7.62 x 54R

Hi, All…I was given an almost full 600 round case of this ammunition. The online translators do not work well for abbreviations and I was hoping one of our Finnish speaking forum users could provide a translation of the box label, just for fun. Heck, I might even start collecting 7.62 x 54: after all, it is a rimmed military cartridge…a good companion to the Krag. Headstamps are VPT 34, 35 and 36., brass cases, CNCS bullets. Crate states “Repacked 4/14/40”. I did manage to translate Uudelleen pakattu into “A new package”…Thanks!!..Randy

Sorry, I can’t help with your question, but as long as you going to become a big 7.62x54R collector, could you tell me why this same round is sometimes called 7.62x53R?

Hi, Vlad…You, sir…formerly of the USSR, must know much more about this cartridge than I…perhaps someone much more knowledgeable than I can answer Vlad’s question… Randy…PS…What I have decided upon to collect in addition to Krag…is, for now, 7.65 x 53.5 Belgian/Argentine Mauser…both single rounds and boxes…Whaddya Got !!

I maybe mistaken, but the actual case length is 53.5mm. The Finns rounded down to 53mm and everyone else rounded up to 54mm. Similar thing with 7.62x39mm. Actual case length is about 38.5mm. The Dutch rounded down to 38mm on the headstamps of their 1950’s production and everyone else rounded up to 39mm. Oddly enough, the 5.45x39mm has a case length of 39.5mm, but the Soviets rounded down to 39mm! This may be a over-simplified explanation, but I have not heard anything contrary.


My personal favorite in case length citations is Norma’s 6.5 m/m Mannlicher Schoenauer: some were headstamped 6.5 x 53, others 6.5 x 54. Their apparent theory was, if you didn’t care for one of the names, you might like the other better. JG