Finnish 7,62x39 blank

Hammer–Thanks for some more great boxes. It would be nice if you would include the details of the cartridges inside, especially the headstamp. Also, I notice that the new labels are quite a bit different than the white labels, with much more information. Could you give us a translation of the complete labels, or at least each different sub-panel, with the Finnish words and English words?

Could you post boxes for other load types with the above information? It would be best, for future searching, if each load type was a separate thread.

I’ve got one loaded by Lapua on a commercial headstamp. Any idea of age?

You mean blank ammo with hst “LAPUA 7,62x39”?
It’s probably reload using fired case from field and there could be any hst.
All those yellow boxes above have reloads.
RK pl pap = Rynnäkkökivääri puuluotinen paukkupatruuna = Assault rifle wooden bullet blank
Hylsy = case
Kunnostettu = fired and fixed


Is fired and fixed meant as in reloaded?


Is fired and fixed meant as in reloaded?[/quote]
“fired and fixed” means that case is fired and then fixed for reloading.
“Uudelleen ladattu” = reloaded

Great information. I’ve never heard the Finnish language spoken, so could someone explain to me the sound made by the double letters in some of the above Finnish words? Example: “Uudelleen ladattu”. Is the “Uu” a long sound like “ooooo” in English, or a double sound like “oo-oo”?


It’s simple “uuuuuu”

Thank you!