Finnish 7.92x57?

Any info on what 7.92x57 ammunition is supposed to be in this box. The box translates into Finnish (15 pieces 7.92x57 cartridge copper bullet). The rounds I received inside the unsealed box I believe do not go with the box. They appear to be FN contact for Lithuania.


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This looks much like a repack as the box is typical Finnish post war and as we see the box is not matching the cartridge length.
Though interesting to know what this exactly is.

interesting Not Finnish made. FN Belgium MFG. Cant dispute EODs assesswmentr that this was for Lituania Post war (ie Post WW1) Lituania Used 7,9x57 Mauser riflles and other weapons but by 1936 was Lituania not in the Soviet sphere? On second thoughyt no that occurred after WW2! Lituania Estonia and Latvia became part of soviet union after WW2, So since post WW1 FN may have supplied ammo an dweapons to Lituania, Dont have library ear Computer so cant chewck plus its early here!

The three Baltic states became souvereign states after WW1 and were occupied by the USSR in 1940 and incorporated into the USSR. Temporarily freed by Germany in 1941, taken back by the USSR in 1944/1945 and then “lost to independence” in 1991.

I have freinds whos dad and mom left Lithuania as the Soviets took over. Bot Lituanian Dad was Gov official before german takeover and initailly was trying to restore thenGovernment when the soviest ceam in. He and familiy fled the soviets and he arrived in US first. Wife and two daughters came several months later. They ended up iin neighborhod near East St Louis that was Lithuanian Polish and other East european Immigrants. They later moved to Cahokai IL (Oldest town east of Mississipi and west of Allegany mountains founde d1699) Parents deceased. Youngest daughter (Born USA) is married to my good friend from College and we all ended up in Alabama! Long soimehwat unlrelated story. In my colection I have a box of Lithuanian 7,9x57 and several sinbgle cartridegs includinga 9x19 . intersting small nation.

During WW2 Both the Soviet Union & Nazi Germany took over stocks of weapons and munitions of countries they invaded which included Lithuania.
Russia lost lots of supplies to Finland in the Winter War. Latter Finland became involved with Nazi Germany. So you have two entities that could have taken Lithuanian military supplies and either lost some to Finland or supplied them to Finland. Just a thought.


JohnG - what is the headstamp on your Lithuanian 9 mm cartridge?

John Moss

Looks like a fantasy label to me. Coud be totally unrelated, but Steve Fuller had a number of similar boxes with exotic label markings filled with common cartridges of varied origin and caliber; none looked like factory made.

Thanks Brian, that’s all true.


Yes, I know how Steve used to make things up. This is a recent acquisition. Not something I got from his estate.
The box is DIE cut, professionally done, and uses copper washed staples, these staples are something not common to the USA.

The labeling in my opinion is not typical Finnish. The Fins in my limited experience used paper labels , not rubber stampings.

The box design looks a bit Italian by the lift tab, but not exactly the same…

YA, I just don’t know…

Doesn’t fit 9mm Luger, way to short.


You say typical Finnish post war? OK. I take that for what its worth. If you feel so, thank you. I am a novice at Finnish post war repack boxes, but if you say it rings your bell, then OK.
Yes, the 7.9 rounds do not fit properly. 9x19 does not fit either.


Come to think of it, Lithuania is the only one I can think of that rubber stamped there 7.9 boxes with this same color of ink, lavender/purple.
The guy I bought this from is adamite that this is “15 rounds of FN contract for Finland”.
Now what it might be, is FN made Lithuania boxed up ammo and sent to Finland?

Joe, we’ll better wait for our Finnish experts - or Fede.

The box in this flat style just reminds me much of those Finnish ones.

Why the Fin’s would use Ammo intended for Lithuania from FN is a mystery!
As I recall Finland used variations of the Moisin Nagant ( I havea M39 in 7,62x54R Doenst Take 7,9x57!). Dont remember ever seeing any Mausers or other weapons cahmbered in 7,9x57 used by Finland!

Finland used (early 1920s) German Kar98a for their Cavalry
( Seized from Bolseviks in 1918-1920–later these were replaced by
ULAANYI cut down M1891 Mosins, to similar dimensions to Mosin M1907 Cav. Carbines. Bu end of 1920s, the replaced by M27 and M29 Finnish built Mosins.
The Ulaanyi were never entered into general SA inventory ( 1942), so do not have an SA property mark.
Btw, Ulaanyi is the Finnish version of the German Uhlans…light cavalry.
As to the FN Lithuanian Ammo Contract, that went Hand in hand with the FN M1930 Mauser rifles in 7,9 caliber of the mid 30s.
The rifles carry a logo representing the " Gates of Geminidas"
( Looks like an “M”).
The ammo was either Soviet capture ( 1940) then Finnish Capture ( 1941-44), OR, 1941 German Liberated from Soviets, and used by German Troops in Arctic Finland against SU;
Or shipped to Finland via Sweden for German Military Aid.

Tracing this ammo is a snakes and ladders puzzle.
Any other suggestions??


There is a chapter on Finnish repacked FN 7.9 mm cartridges on “Cartridges from All Over the World” by Pitkänen & Simpanen. See pages 65-68.


Never heard of the book, and an internet search does not come up with anything.


Highly recommended!

YES, never mind. I know what book you are referring to now. The e-book. I already had someone look in there for me, and like we discussed before, this is not Finnish packaging…
This is something that may have been packed in Lithuania to send to Finland.

I will agree with the statement made above “Tracing this ammo is a snakes and ladders puzzle.”


Joe, I don’t think is a Lithuanian packaging either, looks modern and the “7.92 x 57” marking makes no sense.